Handmade in the Cotswolds from locally sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil, natural pine resin and organic GOTS certified cotton.


The combination of natural ingredients with 100% cotton fabric allows the wraps to breathe, making sure your food stays fresher for longer.


Reusable and biodegradable.


2 x Small Beeswax Wraps (20cm x 20cm) 

2 x Medium Beeswax Wraps (30cm x 30cm) 

1 x Large Beeswax Wrap (40cm x 40cm) 

The Food Wrap Co. Beeswax Wrap - Large (5-pack)

SKU: CA9917
    • The Food Wrap Co. ensures that its products support the company’s ecological ethos. The wraps are handmade in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and provide an alternative to unsustainable food wrappings which end up in landfill sites and our oceans. 


    • Beeswax is locally sourced and the vegan wraps use a plant-based wax with organic jojoba