Wooden make-and play carousel by Mr Playwood.

Plywood, 88 parts, assembled size 12.5 × 12.5 × 17.5 cm.

Mr Playwood Moving Carousel

SKU: CB0311
    • Rainstick Trading brings in the vast majority of its goods from developing countries. The company specialises in handmade items and does not buy from large factories. 


    • It looks for products that can be produced without damaging the local environment and culture. Since late 2016 it has partnered with a local business, Leos Deli, collecting its usable waste, bubble wrap and other clean packaging for deliveries. 


    • Rainstick Trading contributes regularly to charities dedicated to improving social conditions in producer countries. 


    • It operates a carbon negative warehouse with 33KW solar panel capacity and also supplies the business next door with a quarter of its energy.