Literally bring a story to life! This delightful story for youngsters is printed on paper containing real lettuce seeds. Have lots of fun reading about the characters and growing your own lettuce together.


  • Paper is handmade so there may be a slight variation in the thickness from sheet to sheet. Due to the post-consumer waste fiber content, a slight variation in the shade of the paper may also occur.
  • For best germination results, seed books should be planted within two years.
  • Full instructions included. 


Letty isn’t happy with her leaves. Can her friends help her change? Or will they convince her she’s perfect just the way she is?

Willsow Plantable Children's Book: The Lettuce Who Wanted a New Look

SKU: CB0543
    • Willsow’s aim is to educate children and adults alike that we can all do more for the environment and make recyclability fun. 


    • The paper used is 100% recycled from a variety of sources such as schools and businesses to help save trees and reduce waste sent to landfills. Instead of using a toxic glue and metal staples, pages are stitched together using 100% natural cotton. 


    • Willsow uses only highest quality non-GMO seeds. 


    • Inks are vegetable-based and Eco-UV based and fully biodegradable.