Socks designed to help with diabetes or circulation issues. They help to manage foot, leg and ankle swelling and alleviate the common challenges faced in maintaining healthy feet: abrasions, drying and cracking, circulation and infection. They are crafted from a new Thought blend of Modal and Seacell© - a natural yarn made from seaweed. UK size 7-11.


  • Soft, flat seams
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Elastane in the fabric holds the sock in place and allows for 'non-compression' capability


56% Modal, 24% Seacell©, 20% Recycled polyester**

**Certified Global Recycled Standard

Thought Benedict Seacell Diabetic Socks - Black (Men's)

SKU: CB0057
    • Thought's collections use fabrics from naturally-grown bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp which are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and kind to the environment.  
    • A strong sense of ethics drives the company; careful consideration is given to every impact the business makes, with the greater aim of minimising its environmental footprint. 
    • Thought believes in the Slow Fashion movement, designing clothes that are made to last. 'Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on' is their mantra - an ethos which they actively encourage their customers to follow. 
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