Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Now that the nights are starting to draw in it’s time to get you and your home ready for the longer nights and colder days. Autumn is the season of changing colours, so make the most of the sunny days and feel cosy when the weather turns.

Enjoy being outside

It may not always be sunny and warm, but there are still some beautiful days to be had. Pop on a warm hat and scarf and get outside. Going for a walk has long been recognised as a great way to de-stress and reconnect with nature, and Autumn is the ideal time. Watch the changing colours of the leaves and try to catch a falling leaf; observe the changes in flowers and plants as they prepare for the winter. Forage for blackberries and then take them home for a home baked blackberry and apple pie, or use them to flavour your gin!

There’s plenty to do in the garden too, once the bright displays of Summer have gone. Tidying borders, making necessary repairs, clearing leaves, and putting away those plant supports until next year.

Feeling cosy

There are always those Autumn days when the weather is not quite as kind, and the rain sets in. Now is the time to make your home snug and cosy for the longer nights ahead. Think about adding soft furnishings to reduce draughts and increase warmth. Rugs, throws, cushions and draught excluders will all help. Add to the cosy feeling with candles and room decorations. The use of oil burners or diffusers will always make your home smell warm and welcoming.

Autumn is a great opportunity to stay in and watch the weather happening outside. Take a seat with your favourite mug and plan what to do next.

To Autumn : Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness