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The Seedlings ethos came about over ten years ago, when the idea of giving seeds sparked the formation of a card and gift company which wanted to give back to the environment whilst creating lasting sentiments. 

The company quickly became aware of the importance of seeds, particularly native varieties of wildflower which are integral to maintaining habitats for a whole host of wildlife and the hidden network of nature. 

Illustrators by trade, with ten years of design experience working with many small and global brands, they combined their wildlife and botanical illustrations with the products of a British-grown seed supplier, formed by a team of ecologists in the 1980s, who cultivate and harvest seed true to origin.

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Seedlings honours time and hand-crafted production methods, sourcing materials locally where possible and employing a small team of local people who work from a wooden studio at the foot of a hill in rural Herefordshire. They have a strong and detailed commitment to continually improve and monitor their environmental performance.