Zoe Stainton

Originally studying Ceramics B.A & M.A at U.W.I.C Cardiff, Zoe then worked as a Community Artist and Lecturer in Ceramics for almost 10 years. Inspired by the animal form, antique […]


Kate Thornton

I grew up in a very creative family. My Dad is an architect and a painter, so we were always encouraged to observe and look at things from an artist’s […]


Lorna Gilbert

Inspired by the wild mountains and oceans of the West Coast of Scotland, Lorna Gilbert makes stoneware pots for people seeking space and calm. Pots to be held, used and […]


Charlotte Gower

Charlotte Gower is an artist working in textiles and ceramics to create a body of work that informs homewares and jewellery collections. Charlotte leads workshops locally including a fortnightly life […]


The Littlest Falcon – Merlyn Griffiths

Merlyn Griffiths is the talented artist and printmaker behind The Littlest Falcon. Specializing in linocut and watercolour inks, Merlyn crafts prints, paintings, giftware, and greetings cards featuring furry and feathered […]


Ammie Sykes

I throw and coil stoneware vessels and forms, using a mix of coloured clays to create coiled vessels with simple, strong outline shapes. The forms are inspired by the sense […]


Gareth Gough

Gareth Gough is an illustrator and ceramic artist. Gareth has always been into storytelling and that’s how he eventually ended up becoming an artist! He’s been drawing characters and telling […]


Lorna Gilbert, is a passionate potter.

Lorna Gilbert, a passionate potter, seamlessly molds clay into captivating forms that transcend the ordinary. Her creations reflect a harmonious blend of skill, creativity, and an unwavering love for the […]


Jim Robison – Holmfirth Legend

Introducing Jim Robison Holmfirth Legend, one of the artists who will be showcasing their work at featured@ fair trader this October Born and educated in the Midwest USA. Moved to […]