Donna Andronicus

Donna Andronicus is inspired by her environment. The landscapes around are a constant source of inspiration on a sensory level, guiding her work and allowing it to develop organically. Her […]


Gareth Gough

Gareth Gough is an illustrator and ceramic artist. Gareth has always been into storytelling and that’s how he eventually ended up becoming an artist! He’s been drawing characters and telling […]


Brownfish Designs

Brownfish Designs…..Over 10 years of making Jo has faffed and experimented (her words!) to get her style and designs to where they are today. She loves what she does. Working […]


Folded Forest – Prints & Homewares

Ruth Viqueira & Sarah Peel Folded Forest is the work of Ruth Viqueira & Sarah Peel. Together we design and make limited edition prints & homewares, printed by hand in […]


Carl Longmate – Landscape Artist

Carl Longmate I was born in Manchester in 1957.I have always been interested in Art & Design, so art college was a certainty. After 4 years of fun, I started […]


Fiona Newby – Ceramicist

Fiona Newby Fiona has been playing with clay for 36 years, starting at an evening class with a much loved Aunt, her obsession for the sticky stuff was embedded. After […]


Lauren Clegg – Jewellery

Lauren is a jeweller based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. Using traditional silversmithing techniques, Lauren creates beautifully designed botanical and nature inspired jewellery pieces. Working mostly in recycled silver and some […]


Lorna Gilbert, is a passionate potter.

Lorna Gilbert, a passionate potter, seamlessly molds clay into captivating forms that transcend the ordinary. Her creations reflect a harmonious blend of skill, creativity, and an unwavering love for the […]