“Crafting Winter’s Nordic Beauty”: Tone von Krogh Ceramics

Tone von Krogh Ceramics is a captivating journey that intertwines a Norwegian heritage with the artistic prowess honed at the prestigious Manchester School of Art. For over 28 years, Tone has passionately crafted ceramics, culminating in a purpose-built studio nestled within the scenic garden of Heaton Chapel, Greater Manchester.

A true embodiment of her roots, Tone’s designs bear the indelible mark of her Norwegian upbringing. The winter landscapes of her homeland have left an indelible impression, evoking a sense of wonder and enchantment. Her current collection of domestic ceramics reflects these memories, mirroring the softness of snow-covered trees and the elusive beauty of hidden architecture. Through wavy vases and softly distorted beakers, bowls, and bottles, she recreates the mysterious rounded bumps and hollows that grace the Nordic landscape.

Tone Von Krogh ceramics

Muted colours imbue the pieces, mirroring the various tones of snow, ice, and winter skies. Each creation is a labour of love, produced on a potter’s wheel before being carefully cut and reassembled into non-circular shapes, adorned with gentle dimples or bumps. The stoneware glazes she meticulously prepares to embody the frosty tones of her muse.

Notably, Tone’s work has recently welcomed the subtle influence of her urban surroundings, a result of her collaboration with Dionne Swift. This artistic partnership has introduced greys and yellows, intermingling harmoniously with her signature palette. The resulting fusion adds a contemporary flair to the timeless allure of her creations

But it’s not all about aesthetics – Tone’s dedication to her craft ensures functionality alongside artistry. Fired to stoneware temperature, her pieces become robust and water-sealed, promising longevity and durability. Practicality doesn’t compromise beauty; all tableware is both oven and dishwasher-proof, seamlessly blending everyday utility with elegance.

Tone von Krogh Ceramics is a symphony of heritage, inspiration, and skill. Her work stands as a testament to the powerful connection between nature and art, capturing the essence of Norwegian winters while infusing contemporary elements from her vibrant surroundings. Each piece is an invitation to cherish life’s little wonders and find beauty in the seemingly ordinary.