Nui Body Oils: Unveiling Ethical Skincare at Fair Trader

Discover Emma Kilroy’s sustainable creations, a journey rooted in nourishing and holistic self-care. Welcome to Nui Body Oils, unveiling ethical skincare at Fair Trader.

Niu’s founder, Emma Kilroy, has created a range of handmade skincare and haircare aromatherapy products focusing on sustainably sourced natural ingredients, using the least chemicals possible.

Emma says “Our skin is our largest organ and taking care of it is essential. Yet, there appears to be an ever-increasing obsession to find miracle anti-ageing‘cures’ to remain youthful and prevent the ageing process. The plethora of high-tech lotions, potions and even poisons on offer today, are leading us away from the origins of simply nourishing and caring for our skin.

Naturally nourishing and hydrating our skin is all we need to do to make it perform at its best for the age it is”.

Emma’s personal journey with skincare is one of severe skin sensitivity and reactive outbreaks. Her experience with major brands that claim to be suitable for sensitive skin has been mixed, unpredictable and ultimately disappointing.

During a holiday in Fiji several years ago, she realised that the soap she was using at the hotel was perfect for her skin, there was no drying out, no irritation. It turned out that the soap was made of pure coconut oil. She brought some home and gave it to friends to try. The results were 100%positive. This was the beginning of Emma’s journey to create a range of products designed for people just like her.

Her passion for skincare became a small business Niu*, formulating and hand-producing specifically chosen essential oils blended to address different needs, using the best quality Coconut Oil at its heart.*Niu (nī’-u) is Polynesian for coconut, a nod to the part of the world which began Emma’s positive skincare journey.

Emma’s philosophy is to offer a range of natural skincare products that target specific needs and feelings, whilst ensuring the ingredients have been sustainably and responsibly sourced. Over the last four years, she has created four signature product ranges that she loves and hopes you will love them too.
Emma created three of these ranges using specific essential oil blends to help with the most common problems we face today: The desire for improved sleep, relaxation and the ability to focus. The fourth range is a fragrance-free range specifically designed for extra-sensitive skin and those sensitive to fragrance.

Each range includes a high-quality base and essential oil blends or in the case of the haircare range, a low-chemical base with an infusion of essential oils. Emma offers a bespoke service for individual clients (Retail and Wholesale)where oil blends for massage, diffusion, general skincare and haircare are designed and created to meet their specific requirements. She also offers workshops for small groups to learn the basics of home blending and share some time together.

Emma from Niu body oils