Why We Love Wool

Why We Love Wool here at Fair Trader Holmfirth. We are proud to stock a range of woollen accessories, from hats to socks to throws and cushion covers. Wool is a wonderful material, sustainable, practical and kind to the planet

What makes wool sustainable? According to the International Wool Textile Association https://iwto.org/sustainability/ sheep are part of the natural carbon cycle. Did you know that by eating grass, they consume the natural carbon stored in plants and convert it into wool? 50% of the weight of wool is pure organic carbon. And because it’s a natural material it biodegrades easily – no nasty microplastics to worry about.

Wool is also durable and woollen items tend to be worn and used for longer than other textiles. Your Dad’s old gardening jumper that has been going for as long as you can remember; or the hand-me-down throw from your Gran. Those who knit and crochet will tell you that once a garment has become redundant or grown out of, they will pull it back and re-use the wool for something else. In fact, 6% of the total wool market uses recycled wool, far more than any other textile.

In addition, wool needs washing less often, and at a lower temperature than other textiles, again meaning it is kinder to the environment.

Wool also makes a great base layer for colder days. Fine merino wool is used by many outdoor sports companies as it’s soft next to the skin, and keeps the wearer warm in all weathers.

Finally, there really is nothing quite like snuggling into a favourite woolly jumper, or the cosy feeling you get from a woolly hat and scarf on those chilly winter days. That’s Why We Love Wool!

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