Zoe Stainton

Zoe Stainton, artist

Originally studying Ceramics B.A & M.A at U.W.I.C Cardiff, Zoe then worked as a Community Artist and Lecturer in Ceramics for almost 10 years.

Inspired by the animal form, antique and vintage toys and childhood memories – she combines carefully sourced, reclaimed materials such as wood, wire and vintage mill bobbins (a nod to the Yorkshire textile industry).

She firstly works from her sketches and creates a wire armature; core wool is then wrapped around. The form is then made by adding more wool which is sculpted and compacted using barbed felting needles – a process that takes many hours.

Hand stitching adds another layer of colour and creates a rich surface texture which imitates the animal`s coat.

Zoe loves to use colour and create texture in her sculptures which are inspired by the rich earthy tones of the moorland landscape surrounding Holmfirth, which borders the Peak District National Park, where she has lived for the last 14 years.