Beelieve is a West Yorkshire based start-up run by friends Caroline Ingham and Gill McDowell. As Bee Keepers we were keen to find a way of using the natural products from the hive. So, after months or researching and experimenting our version of the bee wrap evolved and ‘Beelieve’ was born.

The idea of preserving food by wrapping in cloth dates to Ancient Egypt. The simple motion of cupping your warm hands around the wrap allows a seal around your food or container. Once in the fridge the wrap will stiffen and stay in place. We’d just advise not to use on hot foods, raw fish or meat. 

Great for packed lunches, cheeses and any left overs. Lets ditch the plastic.

Cleaning is simple, immerse in tepid soapy water and leave to air dry.  Wraps should last for around a year, depending on the level of use. And at the end of their life can simply be composted or used as a firelighter!

“To maintain our commitment to sustainability, where ever possible we use recycled fabric, roll ends and even donations from a team of dress makers.  This all makes for a colorful, unique, range of products. if you would like to view our products please visit our Facebook/Instagram pages