featured@ fair trader

In 2021 we transformed our top room into a showcase space for local makers under the banner featured@ fair trader. 

A rolling programme featuring a wide range of artists and makers gives customers an opportunity to enjoy and buy their work. You'll find a wealth of original items to suit everyone’s taste and pocket.

If you are interested in becoming one of our featured artists, please read our Terms of Residence and complete the application form.

July and August 2022

Ralph Shuttleworth is a sculptor and designer who harnesses the movement of wood to form intriguing sculptural pieces.


Ceramicist David Helm's most recent work explores the idea of beauty found in imperfection. [see Artist Blog]


Kevin Threlfall captures on canvas experiences that are fleeting and that dissolve into the next; landscapes held together by rhyming connections to shape, line, and colour. [see Artist Blog