Exploring Belonging: Ellie Waters’ Artistic Journey

An Exhibition Unveiling Home, Identity, and Community Through Lens and Emotion

British-born artist Ellie Waters resides in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Northern England. Drawing from her own experiences of emigration, Waters intricately delves into concepts of home and belonging through her art. Her primary medium is photography, complemented by text, audio, and video, which jointly unveil emotionally rich narratives.

In her most recent endeavour, having relocated to the Holme Valley, Waters undertakes a visual exploration of her new locale. This series chronicles her personal encounters with the local environment, reflecting upon streets, suburban areas, gardens, and others’ abodes. By immersing herself in Holmfirth’s essence, she embarks on a journey of embracing it as her own, unearthing the diverse ways we shape and personalise these spaces.

The collection melds black and white medium format film, capturing the essence of homes, with splashes of colour digital images that intricately highlight the community’s nuances. This juxtaposition crafts a dynamic interplay of perspectives, inviting viewers to traverse the tapestry of the locale.

Waters’s artistic exploration manifests as a limited-edition photography zine, meticulously crafted in a run of forty copies. Each copy, a unique piece of art in itself, bears the artist’s personal signature, adding an intimate touch. This tactile embodiment of her work bridges the gap between the digital and the tangible, allowing enthusiasts to hold and cherish her creative interpretation of Holmfirth.

In this synergy of mediums and interpretations, Ellie Waters captures not only the physicality of the spaces she explores but also the intricate stories that dwell within them. Her artwork serves as a testament to the evocative power of imagery and the multi-dimensional narratives they can express.

Ellie Waters sat outside