Brownfish Designs

Brownfish Designs…..Over 10 years of making Jo has faffed and experimented (her words!) to get her style and designs to where they are today. She loves what she does. Working from her garden studio she is able to stock several shops and galleries, and receives invitations to amazing events

Jo’s most popular ranges are those created from vintage and unwanted tins. To Jo, a dint, spot of rust, or even a scratch are not flaws. Instead, they add character and are part of the story of the tin – a life well lived!

Her store cupboard is overflowing with copper wire, chunks of old wood, tins, vintage bottles, rusty nails and old beads. Nothing goes to waste, and there is much joy and pleasure to be had from making something from nothing. Jo hopes that people get as much joy out of wearing her jewellery as she gains from creating it.