Donna Andronicus

Donna Andronicus is inspired by her environment. The landscapes around are a constant source of inspiration on a sensory level, guiding her work and allowing it to develop organically. Her abstract artwork evokes a range of sensory responses for the observer. Looking at her work may recall a memory, ignite a sense or express a feeling.

The work includes acrylic and mixed media painting and photography. Both mediums allow her to express her creativity in different, but complementary ways. The textures, shapes, light and colours that draw her to a particular image are the same elements that then find form in her paintings.

Donna uses alternative mediums and tools to create the paintings. These include as plastering and building scrapers and kitchen and palette knives. She can then create layers of texture and fluidity using contrasting, as well as complimentary colours.

Donna invites the observer to stop for a while, maintain their gaze and to see where it will lead them. To not just look with their eyes, but to allow their senses to guide them in the same way that the work was created. She hopes they can feel the same level of engagement in a piece that she felt when creating it.