Gareth Gough

Gareth Gough is an illustrator and ceramic artist.

Gareth has always been into storytelling and that’s how he eventually ended up becoming an artist! He’s been drawing characters and telling their stories since as far back as he can remember. Creating them as prints, greetings cards and more recently as ceramic figurines is a way of sharing his love for the natural world with others. Gareth feels art must be shared, whether that be the final created piece or sharing the skills we acquire over the years with others. 

Gareth’s style – 

The characters are colourful and scrappy! If taken too seriously they quickly become too rigid and lose the essence of their character. In the last couple of years he has started on a ceramics journey. Learning new skills such as throwing on the wheel have opened his mind to what he can create. The ceramics are very much in response to the natural world. Textures and patterns in nature inform his style.