Lorna Gilbert, is a passionate potter.

Lorna Gilbert, a passionate potter, seamlessly molds clay into captivating forms that transcend the ordinary. Her creations reflect a harmonious blend of skill, creativity, and an unwavering love for the art.

Lorna Gilbert

Inspired by the wild mountains and oceans of the West Coast of Scotland, Lorna Gilbert
makes stoneware pots for people seeking space and calm. Pots to be held, used and
enjoyed. Pots that are tactile and designed to fit perfectly in your hands.
Lorna is trained in fine art, experimental textiles, floristry and ceramics. For over twenty
years, she has been potting from her garden studio in Yorkshire, moving with the rhythms
and seasons of family life. Every unique piece starts life from a place of love, imbued with
the joy and calm Lorna finds at her potter’s wheel. 
Lorna explores the relationship between matte and gloss glazes and the way they mix and
interact when fired. This tension and fusion mirrors the unseen boundaries between
wilderness and craft. Lorna carries this reciprocal relationship between nature and art into
her creative process, minimising energy use, reusing materials, and making environmentally
conscious choices wherever she can.
Clay is earth and water, and Lorna’s ceramics pull you full circle. The space and beauty of
the horizon is the thread running through each handcrafted piece. Ocean blues and clear
skies, swooping swifts and leaping hares, clean lines and earthy tones all invite you to pause
a moment and connect with the nature around you — whether that’s wild, rolling moors and
highlands or the yard outside your back door.