Hand made needle felted animals on show in Holmfirth

Nadine Sadler Needle felt

You will be astounded at the hand made needle felted animals at show in Holmfirth in May. Come along to Fair Trader in the centre of Holmfirth. See Nadine Sadler’s brand new work.

Introducing the very talented Nadine Sadler, one of the artists who will be showcasing their work at featured@ fair trader in Holmfirth Fair Trader this May.

Nadine’s artworks are handmade needle-felted animals and characters. What she hopes to convey is a sense of fun in the work she creates. All her artworks are unique and made using wool and some include wire armature

Nadine completed an Arts in Education Degree in 1991 and she has worked in various schools across Manchester, London, and West Yorkshire. Nadine has always loved creating and making, both personally and in a classroom environment.  After exploring a variety of 2D and 3D media she become fascinated by the felting process and the ‘alchemy’ of needle felting.  Basically, how Nadine works is she uses loose wool fibres, a barbed needle (sometimes a wire armature and beads), and an enormous amount of time and concentration to create felted characters.

Nadine says working with wool is both a mindful and tactile experience, taking time to build and shape the wool fibres into becoming solid, compact figures; each with their own unique quirks, characteristics, and personalities.  I am often asked how the figures are stuffed and I still enjoy the surprise that comes with the realisation that there is no ‘stuffing’ involved, just felted wool.

My work is intentionally light-hearted and is intended to both amuse and give a sense of joy and fun to onlookers.  I have always delighted in sharing stories and inventing characters with children and I often have this in mind when I am creating.  I enjoy the endless possibilities of this addictive medium and I also undertake commissions and run workshops for those who want to start their own felting journey.  I am delighted to be exhibiting my work at Fair Trader, a business I support and which aligns with my ethical principles. What a chance to see Nadine’s hand made needle felted animals on show in Holmfirth.

Nadine Sadler, May 202

Instagram: @holmefelt

Nadine Sadler creating