The Proverbial Hare – Artist Blog

We are very excited to introduce you to The Proverbial Hare (Helena Forrester), one of the artists who will be showcasing their work at featured@ fair trader in November 2023. Helena is a watercolour artist who uses the magic of nature as inspiration.

Helena Forrester, The Proverbial Hare

The Proverbial Hare

For Helena Forrester, the creator of The Proverbial Hare, picking up a pencil and a set of watercolours after a gap of, ahem… let’s say a couple of decades or so… has been a delight.

As a voracious consumer and supporter of art, culture and nature, she couldn’t ignore the challenge to see if she could create the art she wanted, as Helena says, “portraying my surroundings through my filter”.

Helena’s Style

The simplicity of ink and wash (well at least it should appear simple – Helena’s inky hands and reams of paper may dispute this!) really appeals to her.

As she is compelled to walk every day, her poor dog has to put up with her craning her eyes to see if there is a hare or two cavorting up in the fields, or a pheasant disappearing with a squawk into a Cornish hedgerow.

She really marvels at nature, local and more exotic, and imagines them in perhaps less obvious circumstances – her garden birds in wellies being just one example of her imagination!

Helena is proud to be a member, a supplier of arty cards, and now a guest artist at Fair Trader.

Helena Forrester, December 2022