Reduce, reuse and recycle



Our throwaway society contributes to climate change because of all the energy used to make the things we then bin. Climate change is already causing human conflict and forced migrations. Disposing of the waste pollutes the air and oceans, affecting people and wildlife when we incinerate or dump it.


We can all reduce the amount of things we  buy and then throw out, find ways to ensure that things we don’t want can be re-used, and demand more recyclable packaging from suppliers.

What can we do in the Holme Valley?




Before you buy, consider (a) do you really need it and (b) the environmental impact. We assess all the products we sell to ensure the raw materials, transport and processing do as little damage as possible.


Challenge your supermarket and online suppliers on the impacts of what they are selling you. Avoid using single-use plastic bags, cutlery, drinking bottles etc.


There are loads of charity shops that may welcome the stuff you do not need. Some items can even help disadvantaged communities make a sustainable living. For instance, we are collecting sewing/knitting machines and hand tools of any type on behalf of CART in Lockwood. Their volunteers inspect and ship them to their trusted partners all over Africa. 


We are also now collecting guitars, ukuleles, recorders and keyboards for Anno's Africa, who train kids in Kenya and Malawi to make a career in performance art. Contact us if you can help.


All our cardboard packaging is recycled and we are putting pressure on our suppliers to reduce their packaging, use recycled materials and identify any plastics used so we can segregate them for recycling. We would like to hear from businesses or individuals who are able to work with us to scale up the recycling in our area – Kirklees incinerates far more than Calderdale. We have our own recycling centre for a range of items, and for everything else HOTT have recently produced an excellent directory of recycling collection points in our area – download here. You can buy some great recycled products at Fair Trader including jewellery, bird feeders, greetings cards and re-usable cups.


Thank you. Whilst our politicians talk and multinationals prevaricate, working together we can make a difference.